What after breakup???


This is a question troubling me since quite sometime. When I am at the verge of the end of my marriage, I am so unsure , so insecure and so hurt that I question every thing… good or bad.

why do people break up?? when you part from someone you loved so much, how can you ever be happy again? Can you ever forget the times you spent together, tears that you cried together and smiles that you shared together?

what do people think when they decide for breakup? do they do it because they feel they will get something amazing after the breakup?

Or they just surrender and refuse to do anything to make it work or make it better?

Is it easy or even possible to forget someone with whom spent so much time..good and bad? I am not sure if one should think about what will happen after breakup more or what will make it very hard?



3 thoughts on “What after breakup???

  1. sexandthecincy

    I have never been married but I do suggest reading my breakup guide:


    What I also strongly believe is you have to put your happiness first as I talked about in these posts:



    I don’t think you’ll ever forget anyone but I think it is possible to move forward and be happy:


    Do what you need to do in order to be happy.


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