What do I loose when I go from married to Single?


Life is so cruel sometimes, it takes away from you what you love and value the most. Be it a relation or a person or anything. And it hurts a lot when you know there is no returning back. 

I am married since last five years and don’t really know till when I will be able to call myself a married woman. Being single is a bliss but not after being married once. Only who have broken marriages can understand the pain.

When you take marriage vows, you give a lot of yourself to your partner and a lot from them reside in you in form of love and feelings and care. You can make a marriage void on a paper but  its impossible to be the same person again. You loose a part of yourself that you invested in the person and in the marriage. 

Divorce is same as death..death of a relationship. It has the same mourning and grieving as happens when someone dies. The difference is when someone dies, you can never see the person again. But when a marriage dies, the person is alive , you know he/she is somewhere out there, which makes it difficult to accept, to forget and to get over.

I hope I will be able to get over it someday… and will be able to love someone else again.


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