Where was I so wrong with HIM?


Nobody is perfect and so am I. I do admit I have lots of flaws as a human being but doesn’t it hold true for everyone?? Do we all not hurt someone else at some or other point in life? Do we all not make mistakes and rectify them? Do we not behave unexpectedly at times?

I have had a hard time with my partner for atlest half of the time out of the last five years we spent together. I  was always loved, pampered and admired by my family, friends and colleagues. I am blessed to have very good friends (Touch wood!!). I was (and still am!!)  a go-to person for so many people  around me. I have always given love and care and received the same warmth.

When everyone else loved me so much, it really really hurts to feel and know everyday that one person whom I LOVE the most thinks I do not deserve any love. I loved him with all I had and he once said “You cannot make anyone happy”. He doesn’t realise what effect those words had on me. I lost my confidence completely for sometime. And kept on asking myself this one question : “What have I done so wrong that led to this bitterness??”

Why am I blamed for every wrong thing that happened and everything that did not work out? Is it really possible to hate someone so much ? I still haven’t got an answer to this question but this question is irrelevant now or atleast i do not want to make my life miserable because of it.

Have you faced such situation when you have been looked down as good-for-nothing by someone you loved so deeply? What did you do about it?


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