Clash of my mind and my heart!


It’s often very very difficult to cope up with situations when mind and heart goes in entirely opposite directions.  And thats exactly what I am going through now. The conflict happens lot of times but in most cases either heart or mind overpowers the other and we know the way out. But not always!

My heart is still invested into my marriage inspite of all the rough times. It still thinks and hopes that this is  just not real and everything will be good again …like it was one day. It doesn’t understand circumstances and even pure denial. it just hopes that a miracle will happen suddenly.

My mind knows the more clear facts and hence it fears that the relationship is about to die. It prepares me to mourn and gives every possible excuse to the heart to prove that its wrong to hope for anything better.

I don’t know what will happen because this clash and conflict is driving me crazy. I want one of them to win so that I can move on, whether it is in the relationship or being single again. I want to be happy again. I want to live a normal life like I used to do before. I hope that will happen someday……




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