What helps me survive the stress of a breakup????

It’s difficult to part with anything which is yours.. and is much more difficult if its about a relationship like a marriage. When you are friends with someone and something goes wrong, it makes you uncomfortable. Being in a marriage, getting emotionally, physically and personally attached to someone makes you so vulnerable and the pain separation inflicts on you is unbearable.

inspite of all the pain, I am able to kaugh a few laughters lot of times because of priceless blessings called freinds. Yes, friends are an important part of my life throughout. I might have failed to make my marriage work but I makine friends and keeping them has never been hard. Friends have always valued, loved and admired me and they still do. Sometimes, it sounds weird to me about the stark difference between my relation with my husband and that with my friends.

But friends have kept me going and prevented me from going insane during this crazy period. They have made me realise my potential, made me feel that i am a beautiful person and that wrong things can happen to anyone. I am blessed with a loving great supportive family. These are the people who fill the void in my life. They can never take place of my partner , I know that but they can make me see that life doesn’t end and that I can start a new one!

God bless my friends and family and may everyone who goes through this have such friends and family!




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