Why do people lie when not required??


It was evident since last 5 months that he did not want to be with me, he has been saying that in different ways. Still, I kept on trying, in one way or another. It was never easy for me to give up and it still is.

When I came home ten days ago to be with my parents for my peace of mind, I did no know that there is much more going on other than his denials. When people came to know about us getting separated, there were questions, surprises, shocks, suggestions, accusations and what not. All this is natural, people say and they forget. But it is only US who suffer the most. I know how much I have been suffering and though he does not accept, I know its the same for him as well.

One thing I do not understand is why do those people, his people (can’t call them mine any more) are saying wrong things about me. Things which I never did, I never said. When a relation falls apart, it already is a lot of pain. Why do we need more? Can people not separate with dignity, without any hard feelings. It’s difficult to forget things… all things.. good, bad, ugly…. broken relations are ugly in the end..however good they were at times. I hope I will not be made to face wrong things any more cos I really cannot take it any more. I want to be happy now…with him, without him, with someone else or alone…happiness is the only thing I seek now!


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