Loving someone or loving back someone…


It’s certainly not easy to witness couples holding hands, hugging each other and showing affection publicly when I have an utterly broken heart. It often makes me think of who I will be with few years from now??

As of now, I think I have lost my capability to love someone, completely. I question myself so much and judge others so much that love seems a far away thing for me. I have no courage to confess my love for someone in case I like someone. It’s not only fear of rejection but also the fear of being hurt again that I feel so lost.

Maybe I cannot love someone, but I still feel that I can love back if someone loves me. That I guess is also a great thing to happen. If someone confides in me with his heart, I think I can give back deserved love. The only question is will it last long enough?? Will it be fulfilling enough?? Will I not make the same mistake as I made five years ago??

Tim has made me wiser , for sure. I hope I can be happy again, can love and be loved 🙂

Have you found love again after breakups?? Was it better than ever and made you happy in life again? Would love to hear stories to get some positivity in my life too..


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