Can you ever forget someone you loved?

NO. Yes that’s right! One can never forget one’s love..however short-lived it was..however bitter the breakup was…whatever the misunderstandings existed. The feelings linger on forever.

Atleast this is what is happening to me and I know it’s the same for him as well. He doesn’t accept it because of his male ego and I have stopped expressing because of fear of rejection. It’s so true about whatever they say about LOVE:

Love is blind … yes, you just love someone..without thinking about consequences.

Love never dies… it’s such a beautiful feeling even when it is hurtful!

Everything is fair in love and war….yes…it always treats you with extremes of feelings…pleasure or sorrow.

Love only changes forms….from passion to need  to craving to deep care… but it stays there forever. And as long as its there, it continues to make your life worthwhile!!


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