One doesn’t need any time to miss someone or something!!!

As I was struggling to forget my husband, I made my life too busy in a hope that I would not get time to think about past or him or our time together. Alas! I was so so wrong :(.

I started getting up early, starting work early, then joined a gym and made sure I come home dead tired! I was under impression that I think about him when I am idle, which in a way was correct! When I as not doing anything, I was reminiscing about past. But, when someone is such an important part of your life, you think about that person unknowingly, subconsciously …all the time.

I think about him when I cook, when I travel…. I see and imagine us together when I see smiling couples around me…at work, in trains, on roads, on traffic lights. I wonder about what our life would be like now if we were still together. There is no limit to where your mind can take you.

Whether I am alone or in a crowd, I miss him, crave for him, his touch…think about him. I don’t need any time to do so as he is a part of me and I guess will always be, no matter how far he is!!


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