Its better to be a dumper than a dumpee!


Broken relationships are bad for both the parties, but still dumper is on a vantage position as compared to the dumpee. I can this from my personal experience  as I am on the disadvantaged side :(.

When someone dumps you, he/she has already taken a decision so they don’t really have to face he struggle of “moving over” or “moving out of it”. And take my words of it, it’s harder than the breakup itself. It gets even harder when the dumper does not give you the reasons for it and you really don’t know why you were being dumped!

I have never dumped someone (have been in only one relationship and that has proved to be daunting enough for me) , so I cannot comment on how that side of fence looks like but I feel pretty certain its better than what I feel for myself now. Atleast they wouldn’t think about the questions that I have in my mind:

— Why the hell was I dumped???

— Why did it happen so suddenly.. as it being planned since long and I was the only moron who din’t have a clue?

— What now?? How do I forget him/her??

— Will he/she come back??

— Should I try to bring him /her back??

— How long should I wait before its very certain that IT IS OVER??

And many more……

I am not saying dumpee is the only person who suffers…but they certainly suffer more! So, be smart and be the dumper next time … lol ..kidding!!


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