I am more hurt when my loved ones are hurt because of my breakup…


Breakups are never easy..for anyone, not even for the person who initiates it! I never initiated it and was against it right from the beginning, which did really hurt me a lot…actually ripped my heart off initially.

It took me a while to accept that it’s never going to work now. I made a kind of silent agreement with my destiny. It’s  part of life, happens to lot of people and all the generic consolations. And for the great and supportive friends, I was not that bad, I mean I have seen people in worse conditions than me.

But, I can never forgive him and whoever it is for hurting my family… my parents and my sister. They have not done anything wrong, why should they suffer. I know they can’t be happy when life is being so unfair with me like this. But, they haven’t done anything to deserve this. They feel my pain…and maybe feel it more..that’s what family and love is all about I guess.

This is the reason I want to show him what pain is like. I closely knit family, its only the relation that breaks, lots of hearts, hopes are broken too. And somethings can never be mended!

I will make sure that the person who hurt my loved ones goes through the same pain, not because I want to take revenge but because if you do something wrong, it comes back to you in some form 

Am I wrong and wicked when I think like this?? Should I be feeling guilty ??


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