Not Happy but not even that miserable!!


Living separate from my husband (even writing this now has a strange feeling!) , I am slowly discovering that life is possible without him. I can’t say that I am happy because I do feel lonely! But, I can definitely say that I am not as miserable as I was with him. And, that really does matter to how I look at things in my life now!

A research showed that out of 10 marriages in world, 3 are happy, 3 end up in divorce and the rest 4 are the most miserable ones. These are the ones in which partners are not happy with each other but still try to keep the dead relationship alive. it might due to several reasons, social pressure, financial security, having no other options or being too optimistic that things might be OK one day. I am fortunate that I have not ended up in such situation.

People say that nothing remains forever. Good times or bad times… all are phases in life!! I hope life will unfold a pleasant surprise for me soon!!


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