I loved him for whatever he was, he disliked me for whatever I was not!!


Such an irony, but the title says it all.

I loved him for all the things he was and tried to genuinely feel the things he felt, be happy in whatever gave him happiness. Whether it was movies he liked, music he loved or games he enjoyed, he was the centre of my universe! I did things just because I craved for time with him. For certain things, I realise, I haven’t catered to my likings since so long!! Still today, I eat a few things the way he used to do. I have acquired habit of working on a laptop in bed because he used to do it! He has penetrated my life so much. He is so much with me even when we are not together.

And , what do I get in return?? Dislike and criticism , that too for things I am not. I am blamed for things I did not do. I am accused of being a person which I am not! Not sure when this suffering will end, or will it always remain a part of me. Will I ever be able to love someone? Will I ever have a peaceful an secure mind!! Right now, as of this moment, I don’t even know what should I like , whom should I trust and what should I do??  Maybe, this is the price I have to pay for being in love! 




4 thoughts on “I loved him for whatever he was, he disliked me for whatever I was not!!

  1. Christopher Snell

    I suggest being yourself. Follow your own passions, and share with him things of your own interests. In my observations, relationships that really work are a shared journey, your interests and his interests, not a one-way path.
    In the beginning of romance, there are times when it’s appropriate to get involved in the other person’s passions. However, when the relationship shifts from romance to partnership, as in a best-friend relationship, it’s important to have your own passionate adventures to share with him.
    Women do this a lot, as in liking what he likes, and disregard their own. It comes from fear of rejection, and it’s a very primal reaction. So, the next time you go out to eat, go where you want to go. “Men have a GREAT passion in providing for YOU”, so how can he know who you are if you are following him all the time!? He’s not interested in going on a date with himself.
    So march on, brave one…


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