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So hard to resist someone else’s passes when you are in broken relationship…..


I have been in a broken, damaged relationship since quite sometime now. It hurts to realise every single moment that he is ignoring my love, care and feelings.

When I am my most vulnerable self and miss being loved, hugged, touched and kissed… there is this someone who wants to be with me. Mr. X does not love me emotionally…he just wants me physically!! And I see him almost everyday. It’s difficult to resist talking to him… but I have successfully managed to do so for 40 days now. I don’t want to mess up right now with anyone. I still love my spouse and care for him. But I am human too. I deeply deeply miss being loved. Sometimes I just want to be held close and hugged tightly…like he used to do for me!!

I know I will never do it because of the person I am. I know we want to do so any things…but we cannot always do what we want to do. Socially, Morally, ethically…there are so any obligations. And I believe we have to live with what we do. I am responsible and answerable to myself if not to others. Don’t want to do anything which I would not want my spouse to do.

I hope I will be able to maintain my dignity and integrity in these difficult times!!